Welcome to the new Home of Mining Buddy!

Mining Buddy is the premier mining solution for EVE-Online corporations who want to keep their mining business easy and simple, without having too much extra paperwork on their hands.

Mining Buddy is geared from ground up to be stable and secure - No one, except those who are allowed to do so, can modify or change information like payout rolls or ore amounts.

Logging in is more secure that the average internet banking portal, being close to paranoid.

Mining Buddy was created by Tha'Vena also known as Christian Reiss but support stopped back in mid to late 2009. Here it is 2010 and Devilen is now picking up where Tha'Vena has left off and will be taking over the support of Mining Buddy!


  • Mining
  • Financial
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Additional Modules
  • Browser Compatability


Coming Soon!
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Mining Buddy v8.5
Released: August 5th, 2011
Fixed: September 8th, 2011